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At ECO CABS CORPORATION, our business may be based in Sterling Heights, but our typical service area extends throughout the surrounding Sterling Heights area. With that said, we do understand that your destination could be further away and we'll always offer the best possible price no matter how many miles you need to travel.

While we travel from Sterling Heights to nearly any point, we do reserve the right to refuse travel to clients requesting a pickup from distant locations. For example, it would be a significant loss of money for one of our drivers to respond to a pickup 100 miles away only to discover that the customer has already chosen another transportation option when we arrive.

To learn more about the areas we service and our extended range for all taxi services, give ECO CABS CORPORATION a call at 855-326-2227.

Don't Settle For A Subpar Taxi Experience – Dial 855-326-2227 For A Locally-owned Cab That Cares.

ECO CABS CORPORATION is located in Sterling Heights and provides a full range of taxi services to the surrounding area and beyond.


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